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The Riparian Project Team

The Riparian Project Team:

Jen Rae, Co-founder and Director

Dr. Jen Rae is a Canadian Métis /Australian interdisciplinary artist-researcher engaged in the discursive field of contemporary environmental art practice through art-making, writing and collaboration.  Her research interests include: visual literacy and affect in environmental communication, transdisciplinary collaborative methodologies, and ecological futures thinking.  Currently, she is a lecturer in the Masters of Art and Community Practice and MFA program at the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, Faculty of VCA/MCM, at The University of Melbourne, Australia.  Jen has exhibited internationally and is the recipient of numerous awards and grants.  She is also a fellow of TippingPoint Australia and an alumni fellow of The Centre for Sustainability Leadership and the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Amanda Wealands, Co-founder and Director

Amanda Wealands is an environmental engineer with a focus on river restoration and natural resource management. She works at Alluvium Consulting and leads projects for clients including the Victorian Government, Melbourne Water, regional catchment management authorities and the Murray Darling Basin Authority. Amanda is a fellow at The Centre for Sustainability Leadership.


Nicola Rivers Co-founder and Director

Nicola Rivers is an environmental lawyer and is Director of Advocacy and Research at Environmental Justice Australia, a non-profit environmental legal centre. She has previously worked as a lawyer and policy officer with the Federal Government and the Western Australian Government advising on international marine policy, climate change and water. Nicola was the senior lawyer at the Department of Water in WA, advising the government on ways to improve water law. At the EDO in Victoria, Nicola advises community groups and environment NGOs on water law and policy including recommending reform to better protect biodiversity and water quality along rivers. Nicola is a fellow at The Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

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