Yea Wetlands artwork is being fabricated!

After exhausting our efforts to realise the selected concept by our Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAG), we had to table the concept.  However, the project does not end here!  The Riparian Project team decided to develop and fabricate a modular component of the second concept sculpture.  The second concept is modular by design so the idea is that one of the components will be installed in the Yea Wetlands in mid-2015, with the hope that the entire artwork will be realised in the future.

Sounds quite secretive?!?  Well, stay tuned…because it’s quite exciting.  The artwork is in fabrication and there will be pictures soon.

The modular sculpture and corresponding interpretive elements will be exhibited in May in Jen Rae’s PhD exhibition ‘Art & the Anthropocene‘.  Save the date!  14 May 2015 from 5-7pm at RMIT School of Art Gallery.  Full details and photos will be posted soon OR you can stay in touch on our Facebook page.



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